Posted December 14, 2017

We’ve Got the Answer to Boost Your Organic SEO Traffic

We’ve Got the Answer to Boost Your Organic SEO Traffic
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This is one of the key contributing factors to your SEO traffic, and if you’re a content writer or an entrepreneur making it into the digital world, you know that making these are essential. Any guesses? That’s right. Blogging!

Producing relevant blogs that are aligned to your industry will greatly help your web presence; and of course, we all know the perks of appearing first on SERP a.k.a Search Engine Results Page—credibility, increased brand awareness, and most of all, more customers! So, if you want to get to the top, here are some points to get you blogging for your business.

Relevant Keywords Can Increase Your Organic Reach

In writing your blogs, you have to remember that you always have to input relevant keywords that would help your readers know more about your company and products. Your topics and content must always be related to your industry.

Blogging is like selling yourself to your customers, but in a subtle way. It’s the perfect example of effective marketing without sounding too pushy to your customers. So, to do this, you have to strategize your content and be consistent.

Remember, the algorithm of search engines puts all relevant websites on the top of the list. It works like a *complex* mind of a customer; so, a useful tip in making your content is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes–find the right keywords that your customers would type on the search bar.

Increase your Brand Awareness

As I’ve mentioned above, you can endorse your company’s branding and credibility through blogging. Find a unifying theme, and engage with your customers through your words. If you’re able to master this, your customers will have the impression that that they can trust your company.

Also, always release fresh content. By doing this, you can actually attract more customers and gain a following! If you maintain this strategy, search engines may take notice. You just have to stick to your brand, but don’t be afraid to produce fresh ideas!

Share the Information

In my opinion, blogging is like giving back to your customers. As a digital marketer, I am aware that I should be selling, but for me, blogging is a sort of ‘thank you’ note for our customers and clients. By sharing relevant information, you are also helping your customers with their business *with no additional costs.

Also, this is why blogging is effective in most businesses. It establishes a healthy relationship between business-owners and the customers. If you achieved this, it can translate to more customers trusting your company, that would then translate to more people searching for you.

So, I hope I convinced you enough to get your hands typing again! I hope you do it not just for the SEO but also for the customers. Make your blogging worthwhile. See you on the SERP!

Yuri Amon