Posted November 28, 2017

This Might be the Reason Why Your Content Isn’t Selling

This Might be the Reason Why Your Content Isn’t Selling
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Content is a key ingredient to your business’ success. It’s the patty to your burger, the sangkap to your halo-halo, and the cherry topping to your cake! It adds up taste to the product that you’re selling, making it a real eye-candy. There are many forms of content such as blogs, videos, infographics, product reviews, etc. All of these are are effective in terms of upgrading your business to a whole new level. Take for example, Apple. A huge part of their success can be attributed to their extremely creative content marketing. Their products rose to the top mainly because of their content.

Alright, maybe you’re already familiar with creating content but are you getting the results you wanted? If not, then these might be the reasons why your content marketing is failing:

Your Content Isn’t Compelling

How are you different from the HUNDREDS of content that have the same topics and techniques? Maybe you’re not different from any of them, and this might be the reason why your content isn’t gaining attention. Remember, even if it’s all digital, it is still marketing. It’s still a tough competition, so you have to be creative when it comes to creating your content.

Find a different way to present your idea. If you’re writing an article for a specific topic, you might want to write about the opposite side of the spectrum (e.g. “What Not to Do in a…., or “Reasons Why You Should Not…”). Deviating from the norm can easily catch the attention of your customers and readers.

You can also use other formats such as list articles, online quizzes, videos and infographics to present your content–utilize the trends, be creative, and don’t forget that you have to get your readers hooked until the end of your article, so use captivating images.

You are not Consistent with your Content

Are you a spur-of-the-moment type of content writer? If that’s so, then that might not be helping your overall content in the long run. You have to follow a certain plan when it comes to creating a content. Making a monthly or weekly content plan helps with the consistency of your content and branding. It would also be beneficial for you, the writer, in organizing your thoughts. By following this technique, you won’t easily run out of topics to write about.

Also, did you know that your content can be extremely effective in driving more traffic to your website? Relevant keywords from your content can improve your SEO ranking. The higher you are in Google search, the higher chance that more people will know about you.

Your Content Isn’t Genuine

Your customers know how to think—they can easily sense if your content is just fluff. They will know if you are sincere with your writing, or you’re doing it just to sell. In the marketing world, if you sound like you’re ‘too salesly’, you will have a hard time selling your product.

So what would be an effective solution? You have to ask yourself, what are you really selling? What would your readers benefit from it?’ And above all, why should they care about it?

Once you know the answers to these questions, put it out there and reach out to your customers.

As a digital marketer, I take pride in my output when I receive positive feedbacks from our customers and clients. It’s such a fulfilling experience when you feel that your customers are getting something significant from your content. Perhaps the main purpose of being a marketer is to make lives better. As people of this industry, we should also concern ourselves with improving the lives of our customers and clients. Rather than focusing solely on selling our products, we should always aim to give the solutions needed to make one’s life easier and better!

If you need help with content writing, you can always count on i4 Asia, because we’ve been there, done that, and looking forward to help more brands emerge through content.

Remember: Content is king!

Yuri Amon