3 Easy Steps to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Posted November 21, 2017 by Yuri Amon

If you’ve decided to strengthen your digital presence for your business, then you’re doing the right choice. Sure, it’s easy to setup a social media fan page but is that enough for your digital footprint? It’s not. Since we are living in the 21st century where Digital Marketing is now the norm, you have to utilize everything that’s under its umbrella; that includes, SEO, Web Development, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, and many more! These digital terms might sound intimidating, but with a competent digital marketing agency, these can greatly help your business in the long run.

STEP 1: Identify Your Needs

Before embarking on your digital journey, first, you have to know what your company needs. As mentioned above, there are many methods to increase your digital footprint. Although it is beneficial to utilize all of it, it can also be a wise choice to be specific in terms of how you envision your digital marketing strategy.

Are you a professional company that is exclusive to a certain number of clients? Then, maybe email marketing might work best for your business. Or, are you a trendy fashion online business? Social media and online ads might be the way to go. Point is, you have to know what’s best for your company.

STEP 2: Get to Know the Company

Do some research on the digital agency you’re eyeing for. Be sure to check out their (our) portfolio, their current projects, and their niche! In choosing a digital agency, it’s best to choose one that has previous experience with your industry. Did they have previous clients that are in the same industry? If they have, they might already be familiar with the digital marketing strategy suited for your business.

Here’s a helpful tip:  try and Google search the company of your choice. If their website appeared first on your search results, then they can do the same for your company. (*Try searching i4 Asia on Google!*)

Furthermore, is the agency customer-centric? Remember, you are the client–the agency must be able to cater for your needs. However, that does not mean that you don’t have to compromise. Yes, you are the client but working with an agency is still a collaboration. So, always be open to their ideas.

STEP 3: Be Assertive

This also goes back to our first step: Know your needs. You have to be assertive when it comes to expressing your vision to your agency. Be firm, but also learn to be considerate.

You must be able to fully trust your agency. If you followed step #2, then you’ll be confident that they are capable to help you with your business. Also, don’t be hesitant when it comes to investing in your chosen agency. These are trained professionals, and they put in a lot of creativity and heart in their work. So, trust me when I say, that this will be a great investment.

In the end, it will all boil down to your decision. As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve had your share of business risks and big decisions. But remember, this is a rigorous process. So, consider all the factors of making this decision, and don’t expect that change will happen overnight. From a digital marketer’s perspective, helping a client with growing their business is the most fulfilling part of our job. So with this, I hope you invest in us and we’re very excited to work with you soon!



Yuri Amon